Six Foods You Should Not Eat Raw

Six Foods You Should Not Eat Raw

There are many vegetables and fruits that are considered the most delicious when eaten raw and there must be some cooked so that it can kill bacteria that can trigger our health in the long run. So, if you add solid, nutritious, colorful vegetables to your plate, make sure you know what to eat raw or cooked.

In addition, there are several foods that need to be cooked so that your body can get an optimal health benefit. So if you haven't thought about this food, now it's time for you to do it. The following is a food that should not be eaten raw.

Foods You Should Not Eat Raw

1. Potatoes

As is well known that these potatoes are the king of vegetables you can stir-fry, fry or roast them, but you certainly can't eat them raw. One of the main reasons is that these potatoes grow underground and are exposed to far more toxic substances than other vegetables. In fact, this potato also has a high starch content which is quite difficult to consume. Cooking definitely breaks down, making it a little easier for the stomach to be consumed.

2. Spinach

Spinach or other green leafy vegetables that grow in the wild that may contain insects and bacteria that can be very dangerous for the body. It's always better to boil and saute it instead of eating it raw in wrong. In addition, it is said that cooking spinach can also increase its antioxidant content so it is healthier for consumption.

3. Tomatoes

This tomato is one of the best fruits available to mankind. It tastes good when topped with a sandwich or salad. However, it is said that lycopene present in cooked tomatoes can be easily absorbed by the body compared to its raw form. Lycopene is a phyto nutrient that has an amazing health benefit to offer.

4. Carrots

A crispy delicacy is better when cooked considering they grow underground and may have toxic substances. However, please note that cooked carrots can release more beta carotene, an antioxidant that can be converted into vitamin A in our bodies. This vitamin is beneficial for the eyes and our immune system.

5. Mushrooms

These fungi are generally eaten raw, however, they have a fairly difficult cell wall which makes them difficult to consume. Cooking them will not only break the cell wall alone but also help the fungus to release all the nutrients it contains, which may include protein, B vitamins and minerals.

6. Col

Cauliflower is quite a lot of raw food, however, but these vegetables are difficult to consume in natural conditions. Similar to other vegetables, it releases a variety of nutrients that support good health, so make sure you evaporate to maintain liver cleansing enzymes in cauliflower and allow digestion to run smoothly.

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And make sure you clean all these vegetables and fruits well before adding your food. They can harm you in more than one way.

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